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Andrew Wong Kee Yew new SMC deputy chairman

SIBU: Datuk Andrew Wong Kee Yew has been appointed deputy chairman of Sibu Municipal Council, replacing Daniel Ngieng who has been deputy chairman for a decade.

The confirmation came yesterday afternoon after the council released the list of the councillors of the new term.Datuk Tiong Thai King retains the chairman post.

Datuk Andrew Wong Kee Yew
Others are Kiew Shyh Yew, Chieng Jin Ek, Toh Jack Kuong, Lai Chiong Ann, Marcus Yek Hock Yin, Wong Hie Ping, David Lau Kiing Yiing, Yap Ah Kiat, Patrick Tong Hing Lee, So Teck Kee, John Lau Hui Sing, Siao Sing Tiong, Rabek Ali Hamid, Ibrahim Laili, Zaiton Abdul Kader, Abang Iskandar Abang Latip, Paulus Dandee Banyang, Himmy De Rozario, Wong Liang Tai, Sempurai Petrus Ngelai, John Ujang Santak, Tang Sing Kiong, Lily Tiong Kai Li, Teo Ming Lung, Rhoda Ting Tung Hui, Chiong Siong Teck, Wong Kwong Lee, Sylvia Kong Ming Yii, Tonny Hii Yii Yik and Thosmas Tang Chin Meng.Minister of Local Council Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh also confirmed through a press statement yesterday that the councillors’ lists in Sarawak had been finalised and had been sent out to the respective councils. He said the respective councils would make public the lists.

He added: “Before this, the proposed list had to go through Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu who heads a cabinet committee overseeing the matter. And, after being screened by the committee, the list went to the State Cabinet for approval.

With the confirmation of the full list for the Sibu Municipal Council, it lays to rest rumours about Kee Yew being appointed as the new deputy chairman.

Kee Yew is the son of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh.

Although he has remained low key, Kee Yew has been active in promoting higher education development of Sibu.A graduate of the University of Western Australia with a Masters of Economics, he has played a major role in helping the state government to set up Sarawak Maritime College, University College of Technology, Sarawak and the development of Laila Taib College.

He has also played a key role in transforming Institute Executive Kuching to become Executive College Kuching.He has for 15 years devoted himself to education service since his return from Australia in 1998, at the age 21.He started working with United College Sarawak in 1999 and helped to transform the college into what it is today.The college, renamed Laila Taib College in 2010, is housed in a new campus with land and buildings donated by Espirit Wealth Sdn Bhd and KTS group of companies respectively.

It now has a student population of over 1,500 taking up Diploma programmes recognised not only by the Education Ministry but also by the respective professional bodies.

Kee Yew has almost single-handedly been responsible for setting up Sarawak Maritime College with financial assistance from the state government and Shin Yang Group Of Companies.

For two years, he also played a key role in setting up University College of Technology Sarawak.With his appointment as the deputy chairman of the council, Kee Yew has now resigned his CEO post in Laila Taib College.

Kee Yew was conferred the Datukship in September last year during the 92nd birthday of the Head of State Tun Muhammad Salahuddin.

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