Jumaat, 11 April 2014

Datu’ fumes as MAS Kuching fumbles with his luggage, again

SIBU: A very senior state civil servant with the honorific title of ‘Datu’ is upset with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) luggage handling service.

He fumed when his luggage containing some important documents could not be located after landing in Kuching from Miri yesterday.

The officer, who travelled on business class, noted luggage handling was always a problem in Kuching.

He said it was not the first time he had encountered such an unpleasant experience.
“When the plane arrived in Kuching, the business class luggage comes out later or even together with economy class luggage.

In Miri, this is not a problem as even before we arrive at the carousel, the luggage is already there.”

The `Datu’ added that at times business class passengers even had to wait longer than those in economy class to get their luggage.
He had lodged a report with the airport.

“I even called Kuala Lumpur (KL) about the matter. I think it is probably due to the inefficient handling of luggage by MAS, especially in Kuching.

“And until now, they still could not trace my luggage,” he lamented, adding the plane flew from Miri to Singapore via Kuching.

He expressed bewilderment over the incident as the luggage had been tagged.

Business class passengers would expect better service having paid so much, he said. He also recalled facing some difficulties when making a complaint to KL.

“They insisted I put this into an email. This is the era of ICT, and in the civil service in Sarawak we receive phone calls, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

“Finally, they agreed to take note of my complaint.”

He had asked KL to call their Kuching office to buck up their service on luggage handling.

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