Jumaat, 11 April 2014

Ibrahim Ali was never in Sarawak, immigration director reiterates

KUCHING: State immigration director Datu Robert Lian reiterates that Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali was never allowed into the state recently.

“We said we never saw Ibrahim Ali here….It was alleged that some people had seen somebody like Ibrahim Ali…but it’s not Ibrahim Ali,” Robert told The Borneo Post at his office.

Robert said this in response to persistent rumours that the president of the Malay rights organisation was seen officiating at a function organised by the state’s Perkasa at Satok here recently.

He added that Ibrahim Ali was a very common Malay name and it was possible that someone with the same name from Peninsular Malaysia did come to the state.

“So in this case, only the IC number can differentiate it…there are so many people with the same name.”

Drawing a light hearted analogy to the confusion Robert quipped, “It smells like a durian but it’s
not durian”.

On a related issue, Robert said individuals barred from entering the state could always verify it with the Immigration Department.

During the recent Balingian by-election, a group of opposition leaders from Peninsular Malaysia including Teresa Kok, Rafizi Ramli and Tian Chua were denied entry into the state.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Adenan Satem later clarified that Sarawak would continue to ban “trouble makers, racists and religious bigots” from entering the state and not just during the Balingian by-election.

“Yes, I have the list…I have to protect the state of Sarawak from undesirable elements,” Adenan had told The Borneo Post at Mukah Airport recently.

Meanwhile, when asked whether his department has the list of names of people being barred from entering Sarawak, Robert replied, “Even if I have the list, why should I let you know? We cannot reveal to you as this is under the Official Secret Act (OSA),” he reiterated.

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