Isnin, 7 Julai 2014

All Passengers Safe From Air Asia Flight Incident At Brunei Runway

AIR Asia has confirmed its aircraft AK 278 was involved in “an incident” upon landing at Brunei International Airport (BIA) at 4pm this afternoon.

“All passengers and crew on board disembarked safely and there are no injuries reported for this incident. There were a total of 102 passengers and 7 crew on board. Our ground services personnel are currently attending to the needs of all passengers concerned,” said the airline in statement.

Air Asia added that it is working with the relevant authorities to identify the root cause of the incident. Ground reports indicate that the aircraft skidded upon landing due to heavy rain.

In the meantime, all flights departing BIA have been delayed and incoming air traffic has been diverted, according to the airport’s flight information.

- The Brunei Times

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