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Sarawak DAP threatens to pull out of coalition

PKR and PAS express shock and surprise at DAP Sarawak's unilateral move over hudud.

KUCHING: PAS and PKR today took exception to a DAP statement threatening to pull out of Sarawak PR over PAS’ cooperation with the Federal government over hudud.
The DAP is proposing a resolution that it will refrain from holding or participating in any event organised under the name of PR or PAS in Sarawak because of this cooperation.
DAP is angry that PAS is working with the Federal government to implement hudud in Kelantan.
It is  unhappy that working with the Federal government is against the PR common manifesto.
It is also against the fundamental principle and spirit of the Federal Constitution and Malaysia Agreement.
The DAP is also unhappy that PKR is non-committal with PAS over hudud.
PAS Sarawak commissioner Adam Ahid proposed a special roundtable briefing on the Syariah Criminal Code including Hudud Law so that more people will understand how it is implemented.
“But PAS would like to emphasise that such a step (DAP’s move) is not wise…it will destroy the PR coalition in Sarawak.
“As a partner in the struggle, DAP should bring the problem to the negotiating table within PR,”  and not bring such a resolution without the input of the other allies,” he said
PKR for its part expressed surprise and shock at the statement.
“I am shocked that Sarawak DAP has seen it fit to issue the ultimatum without prior consultation or notification to us,” said Sarawak Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and Sarawak PKR Chief Baru Bian in a statement.
“Sarawak DAP has taken this step independent of DAP at the national level,” he said.
He expressed disappointment that Sarawak DAP was taking this stand at a time when the state elections were near.
“We have never faltered from holding firm to the guarantees of the Sarawak Constitution and the terms of the Malaysia Agreement,” said Baru.
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